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Our Process

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The Bright Way

“KAAMKAAJ – Ab Naukri Aur Asaan”

This is a beginning of the dawn when the sun is curious to be more bright, birds are composing new music and the people are ready to live their dreams. KAAMKAAJ is an App which makes the use of Digital India in the most effective way. It intends to provide better workforce to the companies and ultimately jobs to the unemployed manpower. KAAMKAAJ team is connected to cities, towns and villages to collect the database of people in need of job. This database will be utilized by large, medium and small scale companies.
This KAAMKAAJ app is developed to facilitate all levels of the society where the companies can hire the manpower easily and on the other side one can see all available jobs nearby and apply online. Due to the lack of such an organized system to get labour and manpower in INDIA this app is going to be very beneficial for the corporate to hire manpower even in bulk. The availability of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower will be more as compared to the present system of hiring.

Statistics in India


Average age

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Available Workforce

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Unorganized resource

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Unemployed resource

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A Ray of Hope

KAAMKAAJ – An hope to the unorganized sector of INDIA to be organized and a light to the corporate to get required manpower instantly. INDIA is a country which is very dynamic in terms of growth and hence its people. One gets growth leaving a void behind him, this void will be filled easily and effectively by KAAMKAAJ. It has the potential to manage the huge workforce available in our country; it took the challenge to overpower the gap between corporate sector and available resources in India – the most liked place for jobs and investment in the world.