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Fountainhead behind KAAMKAAJ

India is becoming the youngest country in the world with an average age of 29 years and 50% of its population below 25 years of age. The youngsters of India have millions of dreams in their eyes and every morning with the sunrise they start their journey to fulfil them. The decreasing age and increasing workforce in India has become an attraction to foreign countries, 'Make in India' is no lesser than a golden dream for them.
On the other side, India is facilitated with the workforce of 433 million people and 83% of it is in unorganized sector, more than 13 million people are unemployed. Make in India and Smart Cities projects are focussed on this workforce. The biggest question arises here is "How will the companies get such remote and huge workforce?" Due to this unavailability unemployment in the country is on rise and at the same time getting skilled manpower is a challenge to the corporate.
This question is the fountainhead behind ascent of KAAMKAAJ – a complete solution to channelize present and prospective workforce of India.


KAAMKAAJ is the idea and solution explored by LNM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. LNM technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the company that deals with manpower resources management. Mr. Arpit Prakash Mathur had been observing the gap between companies and workforce for about a decade and after a long experience he got the solution in 'Digital India'. He had a revolution going into his mind about the availability of workforce residing in remote areas to the companies in order to contribute to the dream of our revered prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi - "Make in India". He has planned to overcome this gap so as to connect workforce directly to the factories and vice – versa with the help of Digital India and the solution is KAAMKAAJ App. KAAMKAAJ intends to provide better way or platform to find suitable workforce to companies and vice-versa. KAAMKAAJ is a result of the vision of development and dream of growth which every Indian has in his eyes. Since, India as well as foreign countries have high hopes from India's young population, taking a step forward is the necessity and hence the development of KAAMKAAJ which gradually will make people independent of Agents and commission based system. KAAMKAAJ utilizes the database of jobseekers in remote areas and cities collected by its team. KAAMKAAJ app is developed to facilitate all levels of the society where companies can hire the manpower easily while on the other side one can see all jobs nearby and apply online. Due to the lack of such an organized system to get labour and manpower in INDIA this app is going to be very beneficial for corporate sector to hire manpower even in bulk.


KAAMKAAJ is developed keeping in mind that most of the Blue and Grey collar workforce available in India is in unorganized sector and is not much tech savvy. To overpower this hurdle KAAMKAAJ team will reach to residential areas of such labour and train them on the system of this app. There will be an associated multilingual call centre where the applicants will be helped in preparing their resumes online. KAAMKAAJ App is geo location based which will help companies to find nearby available manpower. Geographical location facility in KAAMKAAJ has been designed in such a way that worker and employer both can search each other easily. Also, there will be a Missed call facility for people to get connected with the Kaamkaaj team. KAAMKAAJ app not only provides factory labour rather it has dedicated sections for drivers, security guards, cleaners, helpers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, tailors, pest controllers, photographers, fire fighters, Nurses, cooks and maids so that the masses of people residing in smart and metropolitan cities can get their requirements fulfilled easily. Hence, this app has no limits to benefit the people using this app be it employee, employer, house wife or anyone else. To be highlighted is a point that KAAMKAAJ app will be a medium to provide jobs to the people who are getting Unemployment wages from Central and State Governments. This app focuses all levels of manpower including 4th class employee so as to face and tackle the hurdle of unavailability of manpower in India. KAAMKAAJ poses the power of India to the entire world with its concept "ab naukri aur asaan".